The coming-of-age story of a couple of queer children who uproot their families' social orders.

Support Us Here!!! June 28, 2024 at 7PM at The Tank in Midtown Manhattan
Support Us Here!!! June 28, 2024 at 7PM at The Tank in Midtown Manhattan

The question that an immigrant or a plant can ask: How does one earn their green card?


Turnover: A New Leaf is a plant-based musical about how two business-owning families, who are rooted in prejudice, overturn their views when their queer kids start rooting for one another. Set in Dirty City, Malus Crabapple is the owner of FigLeaf nightclub who sees immigrants as invasive. The neighboring salon called Salontro is run by Rau Răm, a Green Card holder who teaches her natural-born citizen son Parsley that queerness is unnatural. When Pyrus visits town to spend the summer with their uncle Malus, Parsley befriends Pyrus and starts showing his queer self (his mother’s transgression). As Parsley and Pyrus uproot their families’ social orders, the plants and transplants discover what it truly means to earn one’s green card. Adapting botany into an intimate family drama, astronomer-songwriter David Quang Pham plants coming-of-age themes of family dynamics, immigrant assimilation, performative activism, body image, the duality between nature versus nurture, and songs teaching photosynthesis!

The Tank Concert Reading

June 28, 2024

All-Star Cast and Creative Team